Buckinghamshire Wedding Magician

Buckinghamshire wedding magician makes couple smile

Magicians often have different hats, and this post is about my Buckinghamshire Wedding Magician hat. We have just come to the end of the festive season which essentially consists of corporate events. However, it is not unusual these days to have weddings in December.

Most Weddings take place in the summer still. I used the picture of Kate and Luke who got married in the Noke Hotel in St Albans. It was a lovely day with a firend in the entertainment business, Vanessa, providing amazing piano accompaniment.

Magic works so well at weddings. I can perform close up magic at the reception as folks are getting their first drink, and photographs are taking place. I can then follow this up by table magic in-betwween the courses. This is like a little cabaret for each table to lift the atmosphere.

Remember, magic at weddings is about helping the event to run smootlhy and to provide entertainment during those down periods, such as when the happy couple have their photos taken. So I mainly entertain the guests, however I always try to show something magical to the wedding couple on their special day.

So to hire me to add even more magic to your day, contact me as soon as possible!

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    I perform as a professional close-up magician and mentalist. I am also a member of the Magic Circle.

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