New Website: Buckinghamshire Magician!

Buckinghamshire MagicianThe  new Buckinghamshire Magician website has now been completed and published and I am very excited. Many folks will know and still try contact me through my original website, which was The old site should simply re-direct anyone to the new site. There is very similar material of course, however it is now on WordPress. This simply means I have access to the dashboard of my site and therefore can change the content whenever necessary. All very releveant to this day and age of advertising. I guess being a magician isnt just about doing tricks..go figure!

So on the site you have access to various video’s like the close-up showreel on the home page, as well as various menus to access pages. For example areas I work like Reading as well as descriptions of the styles of magic available such as Mentalism. My unusual and exciting Mind Reading Star Wars Jedi character for hire is great for themed events. Check out  Reviews and the all important Contact page for making either an enquiry or booking.

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    I perform as a professional close-up magician and mentalist. I am also a member of the Magic Circle.

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