Christmas Party Magician

Christmas party magician performing rubber band magic on spectator

Magic at Christmas Parties

Having a christmas party magician at your event helps with the smooth transition from reception, where folks are arriving at different times and getting their first drink and perhaps introducing themselves for the first time, through to the meal at the tables. A good Christmas Party Magician is therefore a social bonder and people management expert, as well as entertainer.
Christmas is a magical time of year and therefore very appropriate to have a magician enhancing that atmoshere because we are fun and interactive, using humour and close up magic to bring people together.

Christmas party magician performs magic with fire
In a practical sense it also covers the down periods when people are arriving at different times and inbetween the meals, easing social anxieties and most importantly, introducing people to each other.

Christmas Party Magician entertaining at a table

What People Say…

‘Everyone had a great time. Thank you for the magic. The feedback I had was absolutely brilliant’.
Deloittes Corporate Christmas Function

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