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Ian's Close-Up Miracles Will Wow Your Guests
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Close=Up Magician, Ian Souch performs to laughing lady
With My Close-Up Magic, You’re In Safe Hands.
Magic Up Close

A Close-Up Magic magician is a versatile entertainer, who helps make your event run smoother, whilst making your guests the centre of attention and providing them with something wonderful to remember your event by.

Although I am unobtrusive whilst I mingle may way around an event, close-up magic creates a personal connection. People remember I made money change currency in front of them, their card disappeared from their hands, or I read their mind. These are further little hooks which remind people of your event.

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Close Up Magician Receives Applause Around A Table
magician performs close-up magic with flaming coin
What to Expect

When I perform close-up magic at your event, I will perform to guests who are either sitting or standing.

I can perform at your event as a strolling magician, also known as a walkabout magician, where I will move around your event, interacting with guests and performing close up magic for them. A strolling magician works extremely well at larger events and where there is no formal seated dining.

This can break the ice with those who are uncomfortable with large crowds as well as stimulate conversation. It creates a wonderful, fun and entertaining environment.

I can also perform close-up magic as a table magician, working around the seated guests at the tables. I’ll work between courses to keep your guests entertained, almost like a mini parlour show, for each table. You may also like to add a short stand-up-magic finale for everyone to round off your evening’s entertainment.
Magician does close-up tricks with cards

What People Say

‘The man is phenomenal!

Simply phenomenal!

I’ve never seen anything quite like that.  It was genuinely astonishing.”

JoAnne Good - The Late Show
Close-Up Magic For BBC Interview

“Wow! Ian unbelievable. Everyone said he was the best they had ever seen! Not only because the illusions were remarkable but he is one of the nicest people you will meet.

I’m already booking him for next year!”

Josianne Cross
Close Up Magic at Corporate Event

“I can’t thank you enough for a totally amazing time you treated us all to.

We thoroughly enjoyed every part of your incredible set and were enthralled with your entertainment.”

Claire Nonini
Close-Up Magic at 21st Birthday Party
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