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Corporate magician thrills a crowd

When you book a Corporate Magician, you want to see where magical entertainment can be so beneficial.. I have worked at various styles or themes of corporate events; award evenings, Christmas parties, anniversary celebrations..the list goes on. However they are all similar in that they need help!

Booking Concerns

There are numerous concerns when someone either takes on the task of organising an event, or has that reponsibility thrust upon them. People will arrive at different times so how does one create a smooth transition from early arrivals to full attendance? Magic is perfect for breaking the ice and making that ‘down-time’ fun and interesting whilst giving folks something to chat about. Ideal if they have never met before!

Further, coversations can dry up when folks have been seated for a while. I come to the table and provide a mini-cabaret for the table, which lifts the energy of the group. This consequently lifts the energy in the whole of the room. There is an air of anticipation for the rest of the tables. They can hear laughter and clapping at the table the magician is performing at.

A Happy Customer

I had a lovely gig in December with Oxitec, a biotechnology company. Firstly they needed me to mix and mingle amongst the guests as they arrived. Secondly they wanted a magician to perform ‘miracles’ at the tables in-between the courses. It was great fun and such a diversity of people. A week later, Laura, who booked me, sent this message.

‘May I say what an absolute pleasure it was to have you at our event, we were truly honoured. So many people were buzzing this morning about your tricks and we still can’t work them out! You were so good with all of the guests and the tricks were incredible.

You’re a true class act Ian. Thank you so SO much for making our evening special.’ Laura Dwyer EA to CEO

If you want your colleagues to be impressed by your entertainment, then get in touch soon. I can help you deliver a great event!

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