Magician in Ascot

Close up magician at wedding in Ascot

I have performed as a Magician in Ascot a number of times and in various locations. You can visit the Berystede Hotel and Coworth Park,  and also Thorpe Park, all at which I have worked at before.

Ascot is a busy little town famous for its horse racing. Ascot Racecourse has over 500,000 visitors a year.

Magic has such a positive effect on an event. From the outset is resolves difficulties for the booker.

If you are intending to hold an event, whether a wedding reception, corporate awards evening or private birthday celebration, all of these bring  similar concerns:

Will people arrive on time? Probably not. They will likely be staggered, so close up magic streamlines that time period until everyone has arrived.

Every organisers nightmare is that people won’t mix with each other. When I join a group, I slowly get them to interact in a fun way, leaving them chatting about how I did a piece of magic.

When they are seated at the tables, will conversation continue to flow throughout the evening? I perform table magic, a little like a parlour show, for everyone to watch. This brings up the energy at the table as well as the rest of the room. Everyone can hear the fun and amusement at the table the magician is performing at. The folks at the other tables want some of it!

Let me,  your magician in Ascot, take  your entertainment concerns from you in a fun and interactive way.

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