Magician in Reading

Reading Magician impresses couple at tableI am a Magician in Reading so have enjoyed many venues there. Reading is a busy town with so much going on and great theatre. I have performed magic at the French Horn restaurant, Microsoft , Madjeski stadium as well as my Mentalism stand-up show at the Shinfield Players theatre, and the South Street Theatre.

Here is a quirky thing about this town. Ghandi came to the town and had some tea, cake and meditation!

Did you know magic has a way of fixing problems? Folks arn’t aware that this is what we do! If you think about your event, there are a number of issues to be concerned about. What time will people arrive? Will they arrive on time or late and will they mix with each other, or stay segregated?  Are you hoping the time gap between arriving and the meal flow seamlessly?

You may worry that the energy in the room may flag during the meal ?

All these  questions can be answered positively with magic. I can entertain early-birds as they wait for late arrivals. Bringing folks  together who have never met to chat about the magic is what I do. It makes the time period during reception flow easily and swiflty.  I can help pick up the atmosphere around the tables in-between the meals. You really can’t get a better problem solver at an event like a Magician!

I perform close-up magic, and stand-up magic for all events. Perfect for weddings, private parties and corporate events.

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