Magician in Windsor

Windsor magician performs magic on the Thames

I have performed as a Magician in Windsor for many years, and I love it.

Windsor Castle and is one of the Royal residences. Here is an an unusual fact: There was a real threat that the castle would be bombed during the 2nd World war. So many valuables were moved to a different location and royal bedrooms were increased in strength to withstand shelling. People were led to believe that the Royal family were staying in Buckingham Palace, but were in fact still living at Windsor Castle.

I have worked in various venue in Windsor. One of my favourites is the Royal Windsor Racecourse which I always enjoy as there is always a different room to perform in at every event.

As there has been a Royal Wedding, there are even more weddings now held in Windsor than ever before. It is a very romantic place to hold a wedding and therefore very much a need for a Magician in Windsor.

Why use a Magician

Magic has a way bringing people together. Not just for the happy couple at weddings, but at all events, whether private parties or corporate events.  There is something about magical entertainment that brings a buzz to an event. It brings people together as it’s a curious art which causes intrique and baffelment.

I can perform magic at their event in a number of ways. There is the option of mixing and mingling amongst guests performing close-up magic. This has the benefit of covering a period where people arrive early as well as late. Folks havn’t had their first drink yey and may be shy of meeting others. Magic is perfect for social integration.

Another option is table magic which is a brilliant way to pick up the energy in a room. I can also end a lovely evening with stand-up bringing everyone together for a magicial finale.

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