Magician in Amersham

I am a Magician in Amersham which is on the London Commuter belt. However it does feel you are suitably in the countryside with lots to do and see. Between Amersham and Aylesbury is one of my favourite places to perform magic: Missenden Abbey. This was founded in 1133. A great chocie of venue for a picturesque wedding.

I love the way magic  brings people together. Folks may never have met in their lives before, but they will watch and later discuss what they just saw. Further, social occasions can be awkward situations for many. I often see people nervously  standing quietly on their own. I will approach them and demonstrate some prestidigitation to ease them into the social occasion, encouraging others to join and interact.

It can also lift and lighten an atmosphere with my skills as a magician in Amersham. Weddings are fine example where it can be a long day. Corporate events may have people there who don’t necessarily want to be there. This where magic comes in to briefly take people out of the moment and direct their thoughts and attention to the wonder and bafflement that is magic.

There are various styles of magic I can perform at your event. I perform close-up magic, and stand-up magic for all events. Perfect for weddings, private parties and corporate events. Perhaps you are concerned about the waiting time at a wedding you have planned, or lack of entertainment in the reception period before the meals. Maybe you think that a cabaret would be an ideal way to bring people together after dinner. I therefore become a problem solver for your event, as a magician can be a reliable asset for an event, who is versatile and great fun.

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