Magician in Oxford

Close-Up Magician in Oxford

I am a Magician in Oxford. The city  has also been called the ‘city of dreaming spires’. This is due due to the harmonious architecture of the Oxford university buildings. Apparently some very clever people have studied here including 26 British prime ministers, 120 Olympic medal winners as well as 50 Nobel prize winners! I performed at the Bodleian Library which is one of the oldest libraries Europe.

My style of magic is close-up magic, as well as stand-up magic for all events.

I love the way magic encourages people guests to chat and mingle. Magic breaks the ice especially at the start of an event. It lightens the mood as well as generating energy. As a Magician in Oxford, I have entertained at many events, and I often see people nervously  sipping away at their drinks in a corner. Many people suffer from social anxiety, and magicial entertainment has a way of easing that through introductions in a fun way.

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