Star Wars Magician

Star Wars Magician wtih Light Sabre and ESP Card

Jedi Magician For Hire

Are you a Star Wars fan? Ever thought of having a themed event based on Star Wars? Then you just have to have a mind reading Jedi knight to impress your earthling friends! Meet your Star Wars Magician…

With authentic Jedi outfit, this robed Master of the Mind will mingle amongst your guests and astonish them with the power of his mentalism techniques which are a fusion of magic, suggestion, psychology and body language reading.

There are many dark forces around us which creates a disturbance in the Force. You need to hire this masterful Jedi to bring balance back to our Galaxy.

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I decided to combine my two favourite distractions; Star Wars and Mentalism to create the Jedi Magician. I stroll around receptions or Trade Expos, Private Parties, Comicon or Award evenings performing Jedi mind tricks.This brings fun to any event as folks are baffled as to how these mind-numbing effects are done.

What People Say…

‘The act on the night was superb, continuously mingling with guests with a good variety of tricks. Lots of guests on the night commented on the night how good the Jedi mind reader was. Would recommend to anyone that wants to add a bit of variety to their event-Thank you.’ Jonathan Griffiths-Wattishams WO’S & SGT’S Mess
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