Postponed Wedding Magic

Wedding magician performing for the bride and groom

It’s the season of postponed wedding magic. Who thought would we would see these times where a virus has put a hold on all events!

It has been tough for wedding couples who have been planning their special day for ages. However, many seem to have successfully postponed their events to later dates, sometimes even a year later.

This does mean that next years calendar is filling up rapidly, so I suggest that if you are thinking about holding your wedding next year, to crack on and book the date, venue and your wedding magician soon!

So what does a wedding magician do?

Magic at the Reception is the most important in my view. This the time when folks have sat through the ceremony, grabbing their first drink and wondering what comes next. At this point the photographs are often taking place. I will introduce myself to small groups or individuals and start the magic. This tends to make people relax, especially if they are amongst folks they have not met. It’s a great way to break the ice among people. Especially those who feel uncomfortable in social situations.

In a way, magic solves the problem of ‘down time’ for the bride and groom. The down time moments are certainly the time between end of ceremony and the wedding breakfast.

Another down time is inbetween the meals during the Breakfast. Personaly I don’t perform magic whilst folks are eating. I feel very uncomfortable asking someone to ‘pick a card’ whilst they are popping a potato in their mouth! Inbetween meals is a perfect moment to bring the table energy up by doing some different magic to the reception magic.

The above photograph was taken by Andrew Gleed.

I have performed at numerous weddings and wedding fairs where Andrew has been the photographer. Photographers and magicians work well together as we as magicians create moments of wonder and joy on the faces of the guests. The photographer captures those moments forever for the happy couple.

Here is a quote from Dave where I performed magic at his wedding at the Oxford Belfry. ‘Ian performed jaw-Dropping close up table magic for the guests at our wedding reception. Everyone was delighted and amazed, even the sceptical were converted! Ian was slick, professional, easy to deal with and had a wonderful rapport with both young and old. Would highly recommend him to provide magic for your event.’

If you would like to create amazing memeories by having me perform great magic at your wedding, then do get in touch soon! 

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